Celebrate the Holidays With a Bang

Celebrate the Holidays With a Bang

Plan your holiday fireworks with the help of Pyromania Fireworks of Louisiana

Is your company throwing a New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July party? Leave your guests and employees in awe with a spectacular fireworks display. Pyromania Fireworks puts on holiday fireworks shows for business owners in Benton, Shreveport, and the surrounding areas who want to liven up their business parties.

Stop by to see our fireworks display today. Our fireworks are sure to spark your interest!

Your company party will be a firecracker of an event

You can’t have a memorable New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Independence Day party without fireworks. Let Pyromania Fireworks be your local fireworks supplier in the Benton, LA area including Shreveport. We sell:

  • Foundation fireworks
  • Mine fireworks
  • Aerial fireworks
  • Roman candles

Are you ready to put on a show? Visit Pyromania Fireworks for some of the best fireworks in Louisiana including Benton and Shreveport. If you have any questions about our fireworks or fireworks displays, call 318-573-1818 today.