Celebrate Safely in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas

Remember, even legal fireworks can cause injury if they're not used properly. Follow these rules to celebrate safely.

The American Pyrotechnics Safety & Education Foundation is a 501© 3 charitable organization focused on creating fireworks education & safety programs for youth.

Always have a sober adult in charge & never give fireworks to young children, even sparklers.

Only buy legal consumer fireworks from a licensed store, stand or tent. They typically have brightly colored labels with the manufacturer's name, directions and warnings.

Read and follow the directions on the labels.

Never carry a firework in your pocket or shoot fireworks from a metal or glass container.

Keep spectators at a safe distance.

Always wear safety glasses when igniting fireworks.

Don't aim or throw fireworks at another person.

When finished, allow used fireworks to stand at least 20 minutes, submerge in water, drain, place in a plastic bag & dispose outside in a covered trash can.

Never place any part of your body directly over a firework device.

Only use fireworks outdoors away from buildings on a flat, level, hard, fireproof surface that is free from debris.

Have a working garden hose or bucket of water handy.

Light only one firework at a time and never approach or reignite a firework that doesn't light the first time.